Aug 19, 2023

THE LANDFILL FIGHT IS OVER, AND THE CITIZENS OF HARALSON COUNTY HAVE WON!!! The Haralson Alliance would like to thank you all for your wonderful support in fighting the Solid Solutions proposed mega-landfill in Haralson County! In large part, because of your support, and the work of so many, the Haralson County Commission Board has entered into an agreement to purchase from Solid Solutions the land that was previously under consideration for the mega-landfill. (The attached Press Release from the Commissioners was posted by Commissioner John Daniel on Facebook, 8-15-23, and provides more information about the purchase and potential plans for the property.)

The Haralson Alliance would like to thank Richard Klein of Community & Environmental Defense Services, http://ceds.org/about-ceds/, who began assisting us early in the fight at a very minimal cost. In addition to many other activities, Mr Klein set up the online petition which we were able to use as a vehicle to organize and provide your valuable feedback to the County Commissioners and to our attorneys. The Haralson Alliance is also grateful for our attorneys, Don Stack and Jaclyn Brass, of Stack & Associates, http://www.stackenvirolaw.com/, who worked with many experts in the field to put together economic and environmental studies, among many other items, to provide our County Officials with data needed to make the right decision for Haralson County.

We also wish to express our deep appreciation for the Haralson County Zoning Board and Commissioners for not only listening to the Citizens, but for also conducting their due diligence in determining what was right for the County; and then fighting the legal battles, and ultimately securing an agreement to end the possibility of a mega-landfill once and for all!

Finally, and most importantly, we acknowledge and thank God for answering the prayers of so many in this fight. From the start, and even until the end, there were many naysayers who claimed there was no way we could stop this landfill. But with prayers and faith of so many, along with hard work and dedication, the Good Lord helped us to prevail!

Again, thank you for your unwavering support! When you see them, please express appreciation to our Commissioners for finding a way to bring this threat to a close.